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Dean Cogle | Miami Ice | 2012 | synthetic polymer paint on canvas | Collection, Gallery at HOTA. Gift of Jeanie Neumann OAM 2012

We Are Gold Coast Exhibition

HOTA | May 2018

There’s no doubt that we have a unique and thriving arts and cultural scene here on the Gold Coast.

This is a city driven by youthful and infectious energy; incredible natural wonders and a talented artistic community. Combined with a serious investment in culture, such as the world class infrastructure the City is delivering at HOTA, and our cultural future has never looked brighter.

Gallery at HOTA – We are Gold Coast

Opening on 12 May at Gallery at HOTA, We are Gold Coast: works from the Gallery at HOTA collection challenges common perceptions about the Gold Coast, showing our vibrant identity and sense of place, while documenting the cultural evolution of the region.

Tracy Cooper-Lavery, Director of Gallery at HOTA says, “The Gold Coast has a long history of artists creating works of art that respond to the region and the Gallery is fortunate to hold a rich collection that documents our changing landscape and city. This exhibition provides a rare opportunity to showcase this unique collection in a new context. Several leading Australian contemporary artists also hail from the Coast, and their work will also be on display.”

Artists from different eras have turned their eye to the coastline or to the hinterland, each offering a fresh perspective of the Gold Coast. Natural hinterland beauty, pristine beaches and a tropical lifestyle have lured 20th century artists to document their experience on the Coast, including Lloyd Rees, Fred Williams, Albert Tucker, Vida Lahey, Ethel Carrick Fox, Betty Quelhurst, Jeff Carter, and Graham Burstow.

Featured alongside these historical snapshots are works by contemporary artists who began their career on the Gold Coast or continue to call the Gold Coast home, including Michael Zarvos, Scott Redford, Chris Bennie, Anna Carey, Victoria Reichelt and Donna Marcus.

The Rainforest

The exhibition also features The Rainforest by Queensland artist and ex-Gold Coast resident William Robinson, the most prominent acquisition by the Gallery in terms of public debate, price and sheer scale. When the painting won the Wynne Prize for Landscape in 1990, the Gallery Director was inspired to purchase this work for the collection. The ensuing public battle over the acquisition ended when the painting was purchased with funds raised by the Gold Coast business and art loving community. The considerable funds raised to buy the painting are now justified by its current monetary value, but more importantly, this purchase firmly placed the Gallery as a major collector of contemporary Australian art.

Alongside We are Gold Coast local artist Byron Coathup will conduct a workshop to help kids design and make their own sparkly Gold Coast sunshine dome.

The future HOTA Gallery

In 2018 work will begin on the construction of a purpose-built $60.5 million free standing HOTA Gallery. The Rainforest will metaphorically define the character of the new HOTA Gallery which will be a light, airy, sub-tropical building where locals and visitors of all ages will be drawn to experience and interact with art in its many forms.

When completed in early 2021, it will be the largest public Gallery outside a capital city in Australia with the ability and ambition to present exhibitions and projects of national and international scale that focus on art and design, both indoors and out.

We will extend our footprint beyond the walls of the gallery. The HOTA Gallery will lead the development of a curated, artistic and botanical landscape that brings art into the great outdoors.

Set around our lake, state of the art Outdoor Stage and the surrounding parklands; the Artscape will be activated by artistic programming, installations, and sculptures both temporary and permanent bringing HOTA alive with art.

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