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Kris Hauselberger, Copirite

Design Purveyor: Kris Hauselberger, Copirite

March 2016

We’ve identified the Gold Coast graphic designers, photographers and video editors who are at the forefront of the creative industry and proving that the Gold Coast’s got talent.

Local award-winning Art Director, Kris Hauselberger heads up local design and print house, Copirite.

Hailing from Melbourne, Kris has always been interested in the arts and with a background in fine arts and photography has adapted to the digital world, designing campaigns for some of Australia’s biggest brands.

He lives by the slogan ‘nothing is easy, otherwise everyone else would be doing it‘ which can be seen in his dedication to his work.

What type of projects do Copirite specialise in?

We have been delivering creative solutions for the hospitality, retail and events industry for over 10 years, with campaigns across digital strategy, branding and collateral.

Design is our passion so our specialties are always evolving.

Who are your clients and what work do you produce?

We’ve had the opportunity to work with a very diverse range of national and local clients including Woolworths Liquor, Coca Cola, Oscar Oscar Salons and Palazzo Versace.

One day we could be working on a national food and beverage print campaign to be distributed across 400 venues and the next we could be developing a digital campaign for Oscar Oscar Salons.

Having a diverse client base keeps my role exciting and challenging.

What piece of work are you most proud of and why?

Wow, that’s a very big question.

I have been designing for over 15 years.

I can’t say I have a single favourite but are a few campaigns that have stood out over the years.

Work such as the Surfers Paradise Festival branding, Oscar Oscar website relaunch, Prince Albert Research Foundation Breast Cancer campaigns, brand collateral for Cafe del Mar and local Olympian Sally Pearson.

What made you want to become a designer?

I’ve always had a huge interest in the arts; my parents were always extremely encouraging, taking me to galleries and shows.

College gave me opportunity to experiment with different mediums. Early on my focus was on fine art and photography which easily lead me into the graphic arts.

Being involved in the electronic music scene in Melbourne, I started designing flyers and posters for dance parties and nightclubs all over the city.

After college I was lucky enough to get accepted into Melbourne’s Swinburne School of Design. After a few years playing records in Thailand, I landed industry placement at a small print agency in St Kilda.

What inspires your design?

Great design inspires me. I love seeing good creative strategy and clever creative outcomes.

I’m inspired every day by beautiful design. The world has some incredible creative problem solvers and now we can see an abundance of it online.
Whether it be a piece of contemporary art, magazine layout or typography, application of branding or a colour way, a form of creative thinking in a way that I haven’t seen before is my everyday inspiration.

How has your career evolved?

From designing rave and nightclub flyers in a tiny office in South Melbourne, I am now leading an incredible team of inspiring designers and working on large national creative campaigns.

I’m so lucky to do what I love every day and see our team evolve into strong creative thinkers.

What is one thing that people don’t know about you?

I click my fingers really weird and I have massive issues with making everything aligned in the dishwasher.

What is your favourite campaign and why?

It’s funny because, like me, most designers will tell you some of their favourite work never gets used by the client. However, some of my most rewarding and satisfying work was done for Brisbane’s Prince Albert Hospital’s Research Foundation

What are the biggest challenges of being a designer today?

If you’re not challenged every day as a designer you’re in the wrong industry.

Every studio has to deal with complex briefs, working within challenging times-frames and budgets, all under the pressure of delivering outstanding work every time – it’s what we live for.

Now more than ever, the industry is so vast that your skills need to be broad and efficient – more than just being able to make something look good. Designers need to be able to know copy writing, user interface design, digital strategy and creative thinking.

So many people want to be a designer but not many understand how many years of experience it takes to get there.

What are your three biggest rules with design?

Align and Simplify.

Think about the message.

Design is everywhere; great design is in how well it’s executed.

How would you describe the design industry on the Gold Coast?

I have seen the industry come full circle in the last 13 years, from a handful of agencies doing good work to now having some really outstanding creative people living and working here.

I hope the community continues to encourage and utilise the great local talent we have in all aspects of the industry.

Why have you decided to base yourself on the Gold Coast?

My partner and I have traveled a lot and seen some incredible places but even though there isn’t a ski resorts close by, there is everything else we could ever want. We love the Gold Coast lifestyle especially a Saturday morning walk on the beach with our two Schnoodles: Lazer and Jagger.

What are your top five things to do on the Gold Coast?

Explore the Hinterland

Walk out on the seaway pier

Marketta street food market

Swim at Tallebudgera Creek

Fish and chips at Burleigh Headland

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